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In July Littlehampton AFVBC  received confirmation that our bid for funding from the Veterans foundation to complete the fundraising total to purchase a club vehicle had been approved. Along with funds from Barratt homes and Veterans Raffle we had sufficient funding in place to buy a high quality vehicle to transport the veterans using our club for some time to come. For us to have been able to achieve this is testament to the commitment of our admin team and volunteers who all play a part in the organisation and running of the club. In addition to this our welfare partners SSAFA assisted us with the sign writing costs.  Our working relationship with SSAFA is central to what we do with the LiVeS project as we can give welfare “first aid” whilst SSAFA arrange the longer term solutions.

“Bob” is used to collect those veteran’s that are less mobile to get to the breakfast club meetings in Littlehampton and Bognor Regis as well as taking days out that are arranged by club admin and members too.

For us as an organisation this takes us to the next level of being able to provide support quickly and effectively with less restriction. Whilst the vehicle purchase was funded we do however still need funding to run and maintain it whilst also looking at future replacement. This will require ongoing fundraising which we hope to increase the support via the veterans raffle subscriptions supporting us. if you can please consider supporting us via Veterans Raffle