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On Saturday 9th September, some of the LAFVBC Admin team along with “MOD Roy” manned a stall at the 2023 Annual Littlehampton town show. Sadly, the 2022  show was cancelled due to the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This was the second opportunity this year to keep the local public informed of our activities and to raise awareness of our meeting times. The attendance of these local events is vital to demonstrate to the local people that the military family is a part of our greater community, our goal is to ensure that there are no cracks in the pavement for the military family to fall through. By meeting twice weekly our organisation provides the opportunity for those that would be otherwise lonely to get out in a social setting to meet like minded people and simply escape for a short time from the rigmarole of daily life. our membership is one that reflects the military family as a whole. Veterans young and old, male or female and their families that have supported the service personnel throughout their military careers. If you have served or are a part of the military family then feel free to visit us at the Old corn Store Bar and Bistro in Littlehampton on a Wednesday or Saturday between 10 and 12.

With multiple armed forces champions that have attended the course operated by the NHS Armed Forces Network, our champions have been given the tools to offer good quality advice to those veterans and other members of the military family in our community. We are also linked in with multiple organisations via a Whatsapp group where we can offer advice and information as well as provide assistance to the other groups in the region. This of course is reciprocated by us accessing the services of other organisations within the network. The Southern Veterans Hubs network has been key to enabling us and other local groups to help individual veterans at short notice quickly and effectively while we plug them in to long term solutions to try and resolve issues going forward. If you want to help us help others please take a look at the support us page on the website.